Are Laptops Good for Gaming? Should You Buy a Gaming Laptop?

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Are laptops good for gaming? The answer depends on what type of laptop you use. Is it a regular laptop or a gaming laptop? Regular laptops are not built for gaming. Therefore, they are not ideal for gaming. By contrast, gaming laptops are equipped with high configuration components. Besides, they are built especially for gaming […]

Are laptops good for gaming? The answer depends on what type of laptop you use. Is it a regular laptop or a gaming laptop? Regular laptops are not built for gaming. Therefore, they are not ideal for gaming. By contrast, gaming laptops are equipped with high configuration components. Besides, they are built especially for gaming – that’s why they are excellent for gaming. Modern gaming laptops are sleek, quiet, more powerful, and efficient.

Gaming in the same place is monotonous. It’s much more exciting to play games on a laptop because of its portability. You can sit anywhere you want and start playing the game. Gaming is a hobby for some and addiction for others. In the past, desktops were the only option for pc gaming. After the laptop revolution, laptop gaming has gained enormous popularity. Modern gaming laptops have also come into the market with lots of extraordinary features.

Can You Use a Regular Laptop for Gaming?

Yes, you can. But don’t play the hardcore, battery-draining games on a regular laptop. Gaming demands better picture and sound quality, better memory, and processors. Most of the laptops do not have that high configuration. That doesn’t mean regular laptops are bad. Simply, they are not suitable for gaming. Traditional notebooks are perfect for work, office use, and general purposes of computing, not for gaming. That’s why you should play only for one or two hours to avoid damaging the vital parts. The most common problem for gaming on a regular laptop is overheating. Besides, conventional laptops have mediocre cooling systems. So, the perfect answer to the question should be, you can use a regular laptop for gaming, but in moderation. Just try to play simple and easy games for a short period of time.

How Does Gaming Affect a Laptop?

Gaming is not necessarily bad for a laptop. The main problem is overheating. The processor heats up faster, and laptops need to work hard to run the latest pc games. Moreover, the cooling system on regular laptops is not enough to sustain the heat.

Over-heating damages your laptop’s CPU and GPU. Consequently, it reduces a laptop’s lifespan. If you play for long hours without a proper cooling system, your precious laptop might crash. Always keep your charger connected while playing games. Besides, playing games on battery will damage your battery. Gaming can also hurt your keyboard since it’s fragile and not specially made for gaming.

Gaming laptops are not usually affected by these issues. You can play for longer hours with high CPU/GPU performance. There is a proper cooling system in a gaming laptop to sustain overheating. Keyboards are strong, but you should use an external keyboard and mouse to avoid the possibility of hurting the laptop keyboard. However, you have to keep the charger connected even in a gaming laptop while playing games because battery performance is still mediocre in gaming laptops.

Difference Between a Regular Laptop and a Gaming Laptop

  • Regular notebooks don’t have the extra features of a gaming laptop. They are best for typical personal and official work.
  • Gaming laptops have all the features of a regular laptop. Plus, other high-performance features for gaming.
  • A high-speed processor is mandatory for gaming laptops to load the game faster. However, a moderate processor is enough for regular laptops.
  • Gaming laptops have a dedicated graphics card to enhance the gaming experience. Most of the regular laptops have only an integrated graphics card.
  • The RAM of the gaming laptops is usually 3-4 times higher than regular notebooks.
  • Regular laptops have a longer battery life than gaming laptops. Because of high configuration in other areas, gaming laptops sacrifice the battery life.
  • Gaming laptops are usually heavier than typical laptops.
  • Regular notebooks are cheaper than gaming laptops.

Gaming laptop on the table
Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Gaming laptops have become a lot better than before. When gaming notebooks first came out in the market, they had an unpleasant look, bulky design, thermal issues, and terrible battery life. Modern gaming notebooks are slimmer and more efficient. If you want a smooth performance of the latest games, you need a gaming laptop. Indeed gaming laptops are expensive. However, they are getting cheaper. Companies like Acer and Lenovo have budget builds with exceptional performance for cost.

If you are a serious gamer and you want portability, you should definitely go for a gaming laptop. If you don’t have enough space for a desktop gaming pc, then a gaming laptop should be your obvious choice. You can comfortably sit on bed or couch and play games. Plus, you can take the gaming laptop anywhere you want and start playing. You don’t need to buy a desk, a chair, a monitor, basically a whole station for gaming if you buy a gaming laptop.

Advantages of Gaming Laptops

  • Portability. You can play and take your laptop anywhere you want.
  • Top hardware configuration. It has exceptional quality and extremely capable hardware configuration.
  • Gorgeous Design. Modern gaming notebooks look slim, robust, and luminous.
  • Multi-purpose usage. They can do a lot more tasks beyond gaming, such as – video editing, programming, and all the regular pc tasks.
  • High-speed processors. It helps to load the game faster and to run smoothly.
  • High-quality GPU. It ensures that your laptop plays games at higher settings.
  • Excellent RAM. Most Gaming laptops’ RAM ranges between 8-16 GB.
  • It has a great cooling system with a high-speed fan to handle the heat.

Disadvantages of Gaming Laptops

  • The best gaming laptops are expensive. You can get a better desktop pc for gaming at the same price.
  • They are heavier than regular laptops.
  • It has the worst battery life. You must ensure constant power supply to get the best performance.
  • They are less upgradeable. You can easily change the RAM, storage space, and SSD of a gaming laptop. However, replacing the graphics card or upgrading the CPU is not possible for a gaming laptop.
  • Compared to a desktop monitor, gaming laptops’ screens are smaller.

Are Gaming Laptops Good for Everyday Use?

Yes, of course. They are like other regular laptops, and great for everyday use. A gaming laptop can do all the basic pc tasks like conventional notebooks. The only difference is it has some extra features to give you the best gaming experience. However, if gaming is not a priority for you, there is no point in buying a gaming laptop. You better go for a regular laptop for everyday use. You can occasionally play moderate games on a standard laptop if you want.

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Laptop vs. Desktop for Gaming

Desktops are ideal for serious gamers. If you have enough space, and portability is not an issue for you, building a custom gaming pc is the best option. You won’t need to worry about battery life, overheating, and upgradability. You can play the latest games on your desktop smoothly. Desktops are also cheaper than equivalent gaming laptops. You will get a far better and faster desktop pc at an equal price. In addition, desktops have a significantly better price-performance ratio. They are also easy to customize, repair, and upgrade.

Gaming laptops are best for portability. Other than that, desktops are more flexible than gaming notebooks. However, if you don’t have enough space, frequently travel, and hate playing games at the same spot every day, a gaming laptop is the only choice for you. They are an excellent option for students and people who work from home or offsite locations but want to game as well. Read this article from Intel for a detailed laptop vs. desktop comparison.


So, are laptops good for gaming? To sum up, regular laptops are not good for gaming, but gaming laptops are great for gaming. If gaming is your passion, and portability is your priority, you can go for a gaming laptop without any hesitation. If you want a notebook for school work, official work, or professional work, also want to play games occasionally, you can buy a gaming laptop. You can game on a regular laptop too, only the simple and easy games for a few hours.

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